Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Raccoons and Socks

We are annoyed with the raccoon population in our back yard. We have a sinking feeling that our baby kitty, Duckie fell victim to the raccoons, just like Dan and Little Ann from my favorite childhood book, Where the Red Fern Grows. We like to think that she found another family and is living happily. We miss that kitty terribly. Travis decided to get a pellet gun to shoot the raccoons. I'm a little weary of this as Travis isn't a practiced shot and there are people in and about the house and neighborhood. So, we were discussing our predicament with some friends in the ward and turns out Robert worked as a "critter gitter" down here and has some expertise in the field. He came over with his trap and marshmallow fluff. At 1:30 am, Morgan was in our room reporting a flurry of activity outside her bedroom. This morning we found this guilty party in the trap. YAY!! One down, many more to follow!
In an unrelated event, I finished a pair of socks for Travis! He learned the virtues of a good pair of wool socks while we were in Minnesota. So I decided it was his turn for a present. I don't knit for him often - it has been 21 years - so this was truly an act of love. He has been warned of the dangers of wearing them around the house without slippers on. I'd be very sad if he put holes in them. They are very thick. Travis has narrow feet and has trouble getting shoes to fit, so these very thick socks will be helpful on many fronts. I really like how they turned out and they were fun to knit. I never knit dark, somber colors so this was kindof different, which is a good thing. I think he will wear them proudly.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two Things

1. We went to Orlando on Sunday to meet up with Karen, Savana, Paetan, and Journey who were there for a college dance competition. Morgan was in Orlando on a band trip. You'd think with her being in the same city that we could have met up with her but then you don't know how much work it takes to get in and out of Disney, over to Universal, and back again. So I ended up just taking Rozzie and Maddie. They have told me many times how glad they were that we went. Journey is Paetan's little one who is now 16 months and looks just like Rozzie did at that age. She took a liking to Maddie immediately. Maddie was surprised, but tried to live up to the expectations. Journey was so sweet.
Rozzie and Maddie paid close attention to everything Savana and Paetan did. Ah, celebrity. All I can say otherwise is that it was just wonderful to see them.
2. There was really bad weather right as school was to let out today add some kids were already at the bus. They shuttled all those kids into my room and we sat for an hour. So, I had my kids plus a bunch of other kids - 40 or so in my room!! The kids were restless and I can understand that. But some were just plain ridiculous. "What if I have to pee?" So I just asked back, "What if I have to pee?" For the most part, they were good. Some kids reported the actions of the school retarded to which I pointed out that with the current weather, it was actually quite sensible. "Can my mom just check me out?" What, just YOU out of 2300 kids? Oh, by all means, let me get the red carpet out for you. So that was fun.

3. I'm sorry, I know I said two, but here is a third. Both Morgan and Maddie stayed home from school with bad colds. Poor babies.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Time to Think About Prom?

Morgan wants to go to Prom this year with all her friends. She wants a red dress. She wants a modest dress. She wants a short dress. She wants something that will look nice on her, not just on the size -5 model. We found this. What think ye, readers? We plan to take off the fluttery sleeves and just have the thick shoulder straps. We plan to take it up to the knee, also. The bodice is a very popular style right now but most of the dresses like it are tiny and strapless. I think it is really pretty. She likes it pretty well. I want opinions, friends!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

And Now, For Something Completely Different.

Now it is time to get back to New Year's with Mike and Jenny. Check out Jenny's website for the festivities http://www.hawleyfocus.com/ We went to Mike and Jen's on our way home. We had a short drive out to Wisconsin and it was exciting to see Annie and Mimi playing outside waiting for us as we arrived. We had such a great New Year's Eve with them winning exciting gifts at the "elephant party." My brass cobra incense burner sits on my desk at school; the envy of my students (I say that seriously). I really enjoyed the keg of root beer. I hadn't had so much root beer ever! Next day was a nice, relaxing day of computer playing, knitting, Foosball, snow playing, hot chocolate, bullet filling or something, etc. Maddie, Rozzie, Annie, and Mimi went out tromping in the snow then came in for hot chocolate. So, here we have Annie:
Maddie and Lucy:

Morgan helping Mike with some bullets:Here I am with one of Mike's guns. I've never held a gun like this. It was heavy and very unlike me.
Trav, Mike, and the girls went over to Lake Michigan for a look see. It looked...cold.
We had such a great time with Mike and Jen. Little Violet was a dream to hold and snuggle. We loved holding her and playing with such a nice baby.
We left Mike and Jen's on Jan 2 and drove two days home. All went well and we had a great holiday. I think that driving was definitely the way to go with all the craziness in the airports over the past few weeks.
Now for a picture of my new clothes. It is the "boot of shame." It really helps with stability and I'm THRILLED it isn't a cast. My leg has ached all day, but it will get better. I ditched the crutches this evening. My leg fatigued quickly, but it was liberating! This will be an interesting few weeks. I'm also glad that surgery is not in my near future.
Last, but not least, here is my job over the next few years. I have some knitting to do.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Went to the Doctor

Okay, so after every one's harassment, I went to the doctor. Guess what? It's broken. Well, a small fracture on the distal fibula. As the ankle twisted so fast and forceful, the ligament seems to have pulled some of the bone along with it. So tomorrow I go to the orthopedist to see what, if anything they will want to do. My students are all over the story and are being very helpful.

I had borrowed crutches from the nurse here at school. We have ONE pair for the school, and they go up to the height of 5'2". Not very useful. The urgent care doctor gave me a new pair of crutches that go up to 5'10" and I'll donate them to the school when I am done.

As for now, I have my ankle wrapped, braced, and elevated. I am supposed to stay off my feet and keep the foot elevated. I am a school teacher! My rolly chair at school is getting a workout!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Story of How I Was NOT Hit by a Car

I was going to post about New Year's Eve, but instead I had a great experience at Walmart. Travis and I decided to go to Walmart since we haven't been home for two weeks and we have very little "real" food. We were walking from the car to the store when it happened. We proceeded across the lane as there were no cars coming when out of nowhere, a black Jeep was rounding the corner. I could see that the driver was looking the other way. He had not stopped at the end of the lane. Travis ran one way and I tried to hustle out of the way but my shoe didn't turn with me. My ankle rolled and in my mind I knew I was hit and as I screamed and fell, I waited for the impact, knowing it was going to hurt. Then I was on my back. I heard people yelling, "She's been hit! I'm calling 911!" I remember saying, "He didn't hit me." I couldn't open my eyes because I knew the car was right there. I was half expecting it to be covering me. He came SO close to hitting me that FOUR people called 911 saying I'd been hit. An off-duty police officer was right there and made the kid stay - Trav thinks he was ready to leave. I kept my eyes shut a little while and I knew there were quite a few people there. The Walmart manager was out there fast. Then the sirens started. I required no less than 3 squad cars, 2 ambulance, and 1 fire truck. They got me up into a motorized cart and looked at my ankle. It is just sprained and I didn't think it was broken and did not want the ER. Maybe I should have, but I was thinking about school tomorrow (silly me). They wanted to take me inside because it is so cold here, but I was only shaking from being freaked out and the cold felt good.

So the kid was claiming that he stopped. His mom showed up. We stated that he didn't stop. So they reviewed the tapes. Travis heard the mom giving her son the what-for becuase his statement didn't match the video. The officer told Trav that the video showed the kids flying down the lane and barreling around the corner. He is being cited with reckless driving (a misdemeanor) and will have to appear in court. He is a 2009 graduate of Fleming Island High School and is going into the Army in a few weeks or something like that. I recognized him. He was pretty shaken up, too.

There was a Walmart employee out having a cigarette and talking to her husband and she saw it all happen and had to make an official statement. Her name is Dora (from Jewelry) and she stayed out with us the whole time and was really sweet. Walmart will get a letter about her!! They were really good to us.

After all that, we still needed some food so Trav and I went shopping. I was really shaky all night and kept going into shaking fits. I just couldn't believe how I wasn't hit. We came home and had to explain it all to the girls. They were just going nuts over it all. I can't walk. I am going to school today, but will have to figure something out. I'm hoping the nurse will give me some crutches. If not, I'll just have to use my rolly chair. No students until tomorrow.

My ankle is swollen and sore. I slept pretty good. I still can't put pressure on the foot. Travis is driving me to work and will get me situated. I'll call Morgan to pick me up.

Any questions? Just post and I'll answer. Or you can call me. I'll fill you in on the rest of our trip later!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Taking out Time for Nomrom

December 27 is officially known as Nomrom from now on for our family. It is a little known "Mormon Culture" holiday that my sister learned of at some message board floating around on the interweb. So we did our best to uphold this new holiday and perpetuate the myth. In preparation, Rozzie and Maddie made CTR cookies. They made a double batch and worked very hard.
Here are all the kids (minus other Jim) as they prepare for the feast. Matt and Morgan show their golden plates.
Here is a close up of the Nomrom feast including: green jello with pineapple, chicken/broccoli casserole, funeral potatoes, and carrots. A meal you might find at any Ward Potluck.
We sang Primary songs like: Popcorn Popping, Give said the Little Stream, and Book of Mormon Stories. After the feast, we watched "Twilight" with the "Rifftrax" from the computer. I had never done that before. Google it and find out. It was hilarious and we laughed so hard. "Twilight" fit in to the Nomrom celebration because it is part of Mormon culture without really getting into doctrine. Here are Sara and I at the party.
After Nomrom, our family spent the night at Sara's house. The kids all went to the Mall of America on Monday for a little "hang out" time. Sara and I had our trip to Target, Chinese food, and a "Fawlty Towers" marathon while we knit. It was lots of fun. I laughed so hard. Then it was time to go so we took the usual picture to show how much I have shrunk.
Paul (Sara) donated his old trumpet to Maddie's cause. She desires to play the trumpet in band next year. Paul now plays the french horn, so now we have the trumpet. That is how it works in families. Morgan is thrilled and has been helping Maddie learn technique!

Yesterday we sadly left Minnesota. It is always hard to leave and say goodbye. We are now in Wisconsin at Mike and Jenny's house enjoying a visit with that family!! It is so fun to meet the new baby, Violet and her picture will be posted here soon!! We leave on Saturday for home.