Sunday, October 31, 2010

Senior Night

Not this kind of senior! This was the youth Halloween party and Morgan is a senior. You can't see her eyebrow (singular) but you get the idea.
All the band seniors and some of their parents (and two sisters) met at Mellow Mushroom for dinner before the game. As my regular readers know, marching band has been Morgan's life in high school. It has made her high school experience so positive. I'm forever grateful that Morgan decided to do band in 8th grade and find her niche, her safe place to get through these years.

Senior night consists of the senior band, cheerleader, dance team, and football players escorted on the field by their parents and their names are announced. It is far enough ahead of the game that there are very few people in the stands. However, it is an important moment for these kids. We all look forward to it. All the younger team members line the procession and if we hadn't been laughing, I would have cried. It was fun to hear our names announced. Rozzie was standing along the way, too, and she cheered for us!!

Here are the band seniors! There are a few more who do not march and they weren't presented. But this picture includes #66 - Charles. He always wanted to march (tuba) but then would decide to play football. The band always cheered for him and he always turned and waved to them. He was one football player that truly appreciated the band. This picture makes me very happy.

As of two minutes ago, Morgan's BYU application is in!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Night of the Undead

At this week's football game, the Golden Girls did the "Thriller" dance. This is the very famous Michael Jackson one that we all remember from 1980-something. Each of the girls needed to dress like a zombie. We went looking at Salvation Army for something good to wreck. We found something good. I wanted to keep it as it was because it really was a pretty dress in a classic style. And, to top it off, it was only $2.50!! So, here is Rozzie before she went to the cocktail party where she was stabbed and pushed off a balcony.

Here she is after the horrid event.

The crowd loved the dance - it is Halloween weekend you know!! All the undead have come to haunt you!

It was also Senior Night at the football game so as soon as I get some good pictures from that, I'll post those, too. I was unable to photograph the event since I was in it.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Too Much

There really is too much going on to blog about it all. There is band, dance, school, and church. If I posted pictures of it all, there would be pictures of Morgan marching and Rozzie dancing. You have already seen them on facebook. If not, they look just like the ones I have previously posted. So in the interest of showing you something new, here are the sweaters I embroidered for the dance team's homecoming dance which paid homage to Harry Potter. It is now your job to identify which crest goes with which Hogwarts House. We went for a simplified crest so that it was identifiable from a distance. They turned out wonderfully!! The girls were so excited.
Next up is a picture of the band coming around the track. It is not a picture of Morgan, though. I just thought this looked impressive. For the homecoming game, many band alumni came and played with the current band. They had official t-shirts and everything. I like the purple flags, even though purple is not one of our school colors.

Tomorrow is a band competition in Orlando. Travis and I are chaperoning so we get to ride the bus and be gone all day!! But, there aren't many more opportunities to do this and so we are enjoying every moment. Morgan's senior year is officially 1/4 completed, as of yesterday.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Echoes of Excellence and More!

To start out this blog, I thought I'd show you something cute. Here are Spunky and Florence, enjoying their afternoon together. Florence is napping with her cute little head tucked in on her back and her little leg tucked underneath. This elicited many an "awwww" from the family, including Travis.
Last year, at the Christmas Craft Day at church, Lani had gotten these Halloween panels and had me quilt and bind them for her. Donna decided she wanted them too and went and bought them. As payment for doing this favor for her, she gave me the two smaller panels. Aren't they cute? I LOVE them!! A couple Saturdays ago, I spent the day quilting and binding and am happy with the results!!
This week's football game was in Daytona against the Seabreeze Sandcrabs. They share a stadium with the college there, hence the huge stadium. Fleming Island was victorious. Travis chaperoned the band and took along the nice camera to take pictures. However, this particular picture was taken by the band's photographer who took this picture. At the end of the game, the team, cheerleaders, and dance team all gather together and sing the alma mater (accompanied by the band). Roz and her friend always try to position themselves for the photographer. Roz got right in front this week and smiled pretty for the photographer. The young man next to her (#23) is one of my students from last year, De'Aundray. He is a great kid and seems rather exuberant during this rendition.
Saturday was a long day for Morgan. After having gone to Daytona the night before, she had to get up and go for a marching band competition (Echoes of Excellence) in Middleburg (about 20 minutes down the road). It warmed up pretty quick and it was down right hot by the time they took the field at 3:15. We took the zoom lens and got really good pictures. If you check my facebook, I have an album dedicated to the competition and they are great pictures. I like this picture because it is very purple.
Here is an impressive line of tubas! Morgan is the short one.

We left after they performed and Morgan texted us later to report that they were in 2nd place overall and won their division. She was very excited. We went back for their finals performance at 9:15 last night. They did wonderfully, came in 3rd place overall, and got the highest score they have ever gotten at this competition. It was very exciting. Also on my facebook in the videos is a video of this competition.

It is hard to believe that this is Morgan's last marching season. She announced that Friday was her half birthday. She is nearly eighteen!! And with that, I'll bid thee farewell. Homecoming this week, so stay tuned!