Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Start of Something Special

Last week was the hottest week of the summer.  That can only mean one thing:  BACK TO SCHOOL!!!  YAYAYAYAYAY!!!  And what a week we had!  On Monday, Rozzie's friend Hannah went off to Utah State to play volleyball.  When we first met Hannah and her mom, Donna pointed and said, "My daughter is 4 also."  On the way home, Morgan commented that she didn't see any 4-year-olds.  That week, their family met up with us at the pool and the kids played and had a good time.  On the way home, Morgan commented, "I have never met a 4-year-old who is taller than me!"  Hannah continues to be taller than most of us.  We will miss her SO MUCH! (by the way, Rozzie is 5'6")
This combination spelled lots and lots of laughs
Off to seminary & school in Celia.  She's been a good car.
 Tuesday was the first day of school and seminary for us.  Rozzie is a senior and Maddie is a sophomore.
When I first started working at Fleming Island High School, the school was new and kids had been relocated from 4 other schools:  Clay, Orange Park, Middleburg, and Ridgeview.  All the kids complained about the school and wanted to go back to their original high school.  Thank heavens they are all gone now (although one of them is my JV coach!!) and these kids know what a great place they have in Fleming Island High School.  School spirit has just increased every year and traditions continue to grow and strengthen.  On the first day of school, no one worries about what to wear.  All the classes (except freshmen) organize and get t-shirts made.  The juniors also wear a bandanna (see it in Rozzie's car).  The seniors get Burger King crowns.  They paint and be-jewel them and wear them all day.  It is the one hat we allow kids to wear in school!!  All the kids get to school early and take pictures and pictures and pictures.  Our new principal is out in the parking lot with them taking pictures and welcoming them to their school.  Then the seniors all enter the school together through the front door and head to class.  
Rozzie and Nora - bestest friends.  These shirts have the names of everyone in the class on the back.

Many of the seniors.  The principal took this picture.  They really try to get as many of the kids to wear the shirt as possible.  
 The sophomores had the most clever t-shirt - it even impressed the seniors.  On the back, it has DJ mix bars and the phrase "Class of 1-6".  It is a really fun way to start the day.  It brings a sense of unity to the classes.
Maddie and Ciera (center) were in Kindergarten together!!
 Another tradition is the senior football, dance, and cheer picture out at the front sign.  The kids really look forward to being part of this and having their moment.
Rozzie is just to the right of the very center
We all had a good week.  It is still pretty crazy for me, just getting organized and staying on top of everything.  Once a lot of the paperwork is done, it should mellow out.  I have large classes.  My 4th period is my Sweathog class.  There are a few "rough" ones there, and it is very large.  But they seem to cooperate pretty well if I don't give them a chance to rest.  Cheer is in full swing - we have our pre-season game this coming Friday!!  Be prepared for lots of Rozzie and Maddie dance pictures!!

The movers came this past week and boxed up most of our belongings.  The house is clean and on the market!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer: Part 2

In which Travis finally gets the job in Detriot!!

That sums up the 2nd half of the summer.  I really don't have any pictures to post.  We got home from camp and Travis got the job and we started getting ready to move and go back to school.  Here are the finer points:

1.  Travis will move to Detroit in Novemberish.
2.  No, we don't know where he will live yet; however, I believe that something will happen and he will live somewhere.  We just haven't gotten there yet.
3.  Rozzie, Maddie, and I will stay here in Florida and finish the school year.
4.  I have started my last year of teaching.
5.  I will not teach up north as most places require a master's degree and either the bachelor's or master's needs to be in education.  I have neither.
6.  No, I do not want to go back to school
7.  Travis will have the GM account for CSX in Detroit and he is extremely happy about that.  So am I.
8.  The movers are coming on Monday and Tuesday of this coming week to pack up everything going to Detroit.  We figured this was the easiest way to declutter the house.
9.  The house will go on the market on August 16th.
10. We will then move to a local townhouse, or apartment, or something.  Whitey's, maybe?
11. Once Travis moves, he will fly down for a visit about every 2 weeks, depending on his schedule.
12. It will be ok.  We know many people who have done and still do this - with fewer visits.
13. Next year, the plan is to take Maddie to Minnesota, where she will attend Minnetonka High School.
14. Because it is closer to Detroit than Jacksonville.
15. We don't like the prospect of Detroit schools right now.
16. We are really excited for these changes.
17. I have my room and classes all set to go for next week - MY LAST YEAR TEACHING!!!
18. Rozzie starts her senior year on Tuesday.
19. Maddie is a sophomore and is really excited about moving to Minnesota next year.
20. She has researched the schools on her own!

That's about it.  It was a very long, busy week at school.  I feel ready for the year.  I am teaching a new class this year.  I have always had English IV, but they changed it to a College Readiness English class.    This means all new stuff for me.  Some will remain the same, but it is layered differently and will be taught differently.  I'm looking forward to it!!  I'm still teaching English III, and Design 1-2-3 (no level 4s this year).

Happy back to school!!