Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tricking and Treating

The clouds parted to show us a nearly full moon tonight as we sat in the driveway handing out candy to the masses. I thought it looked particularly spooky. However, it was warm and somewhat humid. But Trav and I read our books and enjoyed ourselves. Lots and lots of tricksters out there tonight!!
Last night we had two parties to go to. First we went to Tiffany's party. She is friend from work. Then we had to go get Roz from a birthday party and deliver her to another friend's house where they were watching spooky movies. Next we went to over to Lani's house for her party. As you can see, i was Cyndi Lauper and Trav was Billy Idol. We were awesome.
So, back to tonight...Rozzie had gone to a party down the street and they all went trick-or-treating together. We heard them all the way down the street and I said to Trav, "I hear Rozzie's group coming." Sure enough, they were closing in on us. They were having a great time.
Then we waited patiently for Maddie and her friend to come along. Maddie is already home and has sorted her candy, showered, and gone to bed. Still waiting for Roz.
Morgan and her friend Rachel celebrated Hallowchristmas tonight by baking Christmas cookies and watching Christmas movies. Ours is not to judge! They had a great time and did a lot of laughing. They continue to chat in the kitchen!

So that is Halloween 2009. It was a good one. We went through a lot of candy. We get an extra hour of sleep tonight. I'm pretty happy about that!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

You're My Little Tomato

We ate the tomato. The Collards came over for dinner and I cut up my tomato and put it in the salad so everyone could enjoy it. Everyone commented on how delicious my tomato was. Some people even got three pieces of tomato. Nothing went to waste. Maybe next year I can get two tomatoes. Maybe in ten years, I'll have enough tomatoes to can. But this year, my harvest was just one precious Roma tomato.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Homecoming 2009 - Chapter Morgan and Roz

I'll start out with a sad tale. Remember how I talked about my desire to grow tomatoes? Here is the extent of my tomatoes on 2 plants. There was another, but it rotten right on the vine before turning red. Pathetic...
Now to something happier. Here is fair Morgan at her Mu Alpha Theta induction. She is officially a member of the math club, national chapter. She is pictured here with two of our lovely Assistant Principals. they are nice ladies!!
Morgan decided to go all out on Spirit Day. I told her to dress up as a ghost, but she didn't. She got together with some friends and splatter-painted t-shirts. She was all about the green hair and gold paint all over her body. Makes me want a shower.
Here in Florida, the junior high schools also have homecoming week. Rozzie dressed up as Cyndi Lauper for Decade day. She refused to wear the crinoline, which of course would have sealed the costume. She was pleased with herself, though.
Her next costume was for Twin Day where she and a friend wore matching t-shirts. she got special permission to take a picture in class. She was also very happy for the cold weather which turned into a great hair day!
Now we turn our attention to the Youth Halloween Party last night. Morgan was a Transformer!! She truly was more than meets the eye!! She is a tank, but we ran out of time so the details are missing. Still, an effective performance. By the way, she won the best costume award.
As Sara dubbed her: Morgamus Prime!!
Rozzie was a Barbie in one of my old prom dresses!! Glad it can be of use again. She looked really pretty.
And here are the ladies!! It was so difficult for such a delightful young lass such as I to be surrounded by such sinister witches!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Homecoming 2009 - Chapter Jen

We're getting closer to Halloween!! I thought I'd share this cross-stitch I did back when we lived in Chicago (1994-1995). I love the ceramic buttons on it. It is really one of my favorite stitchings I have ever done. I remember nearly keeling over when she told me it would cost $81 for the framing.
Last week was Homecoming week at Fleming Island High School. I figured it was about time I started participating in the school activities. During Homecoming week, the student council assigns "theme days" for each of the days and the kids have a blast dressing up and being goofy. Day one was Hip Hop vs. Rock and Roll!! I got a pair of Dickies at WalMart, black socks, and black slippers. I paired this with my over sized Skullcandy t-shirt, Skullcandy headphones, and big silver and gold necklaces with dollar signs on them. Here I am rockin' it with one of my students. I will say that the kids got a kick out of the fact that I got the Dickies and the slippers. Everyone had to listen to the headphones, too.
Day two was Disney vs. Cartoon Network. Miss Tiffany and I certainly stole the show as Snow White. The yearbook girls came asking for the camera card so they could get this one in the yearbook!! I talked like Snow White all day and danced around with my cape I made the night before. I'm not going to lie, the cape made the costume!! I had numerous kids asking where my birds were. I explained that they were not allowed inside as they poop on the floor.
I took a break on day three to recover and build strength for day 4. So, day 4 was Past vs. Future. I went back to Homecoming 1986 at Minnetonka. I showed my classes the Homecoming Pepfest Skipperette dance and a few other things. They enjoyed that. I treated each class to a rendition of the school song (Tonka's) and a few cartwheels and splits!! Miss Tiffany was thinking 1980's, too, as she was Cyndi Lauper!!
Well, it isn't as pretty as it used to be, but not many my age can still do it, so there.

Morgan didn't dress up all week until Spirit day. We discussed dressing up as ghosts, but decided that are jobs aren't all that secure these days. I'll be posting pictures of Morgan and the Homecoming parade next. Now this week is Rozzie's Homecoming festivities at the junior high. So stay tuned and I'll get around to it at some point!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Delay of Game...On the BAND!!

I think that this picture embodies the joy and giddiness of Halloween decorations. Candy Corn Man is only about an inch and a half tall, but he exudes excitement. I just thought I'd start this post with that kind of enthusiasm.
Last night was the night that Rozzie and Maddie got to dance with the Golden Girls dance team. They had a lot of fun. This is the last time Rozzie will do it. She'll be in high school next year. She wants to try out for the team, but freshmen don't usually make the team. The had a good time dancing. Lani introduced me to another Golden Girl mom who turned out to be from Apple Valley, Minnesota. She graduated in 1980 which was Trav's class, but Trav moved after his sophomore year. She was on the AV dance team with Karen, though! So that was a fun conversation.
Here comes the band. Funny story about the band this week. They were playing their show - they only did part of it due to time. Well, they went over their allotted time and the ref started blowing his whistle. He started getting all hot under the collar and ran over to the coach and the coach told him to chill out and basically blew him off. The band continued and we all cheered. Then as the band left the field, the ref threw a flag. The football team was penalized 5 yards for the band!! The crowd booed and booed. It was quite hilarious. We still won the game!!
Here are the finished socks that match the sweater. She the previous post regarding said sweater. They are marvelous. Now I need a pair of clogs or something.
Here is one last Halloween decoration for your viewing pleasure. Sara sent me the blocks. Mom gave me the crocheted doily. It looks so nice!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Conference Weekend

I love General Conference weekend for so many reasons. For those who don't know what that is, at our church, twice a year we don't go to our local churches for worship services. Instead we have a weekend of conferences (basically worship services) that are conducted from Salt Lake City by the leadership of the church. We can sit and watch it at home on the BYU channel and it is the greatest thing ever. The talks (sermons) are wonderful. The Tabernacle choir is magnificent. And we don't have to get up and go to church!!! It is a nice relaxing weekend and I tend to get a lot done at home. I decorated for Halloween and I'll post some of those pictures later on. I went out to lunch with Lani yesterday. I was at home alone for the day, so we took advantage. Travis had a training class, Morgan had band, and Rozzie and Maddie had a dance camp.

Travis parents were supposed to be out with us this week; however, Barbara developed pneumonia while in Houston and spent some time in the hospital and then was told to go directly home. She was not allowed to pass "GO" and did not collect $200. We are so sad that they could not come out here. So, I'll give them a little taste of what went on here!!

Friday night in the fall means football games. Here is Morgan with her tuba line. I really like this picture!! Morgan is the tuba section leader.
The band's program this year is a collection of Elton John songs and they have these props to add color and interest to the show. Two of the props are just the colored panel. One has Elton John's signature on it, and this one is of Sir Elton John, himself.
During the show, about 10 students come forward to do a small ensemble portion. Morgan got the part for the tuba and so here she is during her "solo."
This is just another picture of the tubas that I took for Morgan's benefit! I got down on the track this time so that I could get some good pictures of her. I was supposed to meet up with the guy from the Photojournalism class, but he was nowhere to be found. Maybe next week!!
Saturday was dance camp. Rozzie and Maddie have gone to this camp for three years now. it is sponsored by the Golden Girls dance team. They will perform at next week's football game.Here they are with the kids from church. McCall is on the Golden Girls team. Shelby is also from church.

It is 9:13 am and Trav and I are the only ones up. We are going to let the girls sleep!! Travis is making French Toast (which I love - both the toast and Trav!!). It is going to be a great day!!