Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hate Mail

Nothing says "Christ-like love" like hate mail from someone at church, right? Well, it has been one week since the letter arrived in my mailbox. It arrived in a white security envelope with my name and address pasted on the front, so as not to have any handwriting. The sender certainly did not want to expose themselves up front! By the way, they spelled my name with a "y" instead of an "i" which is what I changed it to in 8th grade for some reason and I've just never gone back. My mom still writes it with a "y" and I really don't care how people spell it - it still means "me."

The letter starts out "Dear Jenny," and ends, "A Disheartened member." The author is redundant, repeating herself (I'm sure it's a her) over and over, saying the same thing multiple times. (Yes, that was intentional) The gist of the letter is that, according to "everyone" the author has talked to, I gossip. Hypocritical? I have no "caring or sympathy in my heart for others who are less fortunate" and I "think I am better than they." I am teaching our Young Women to back stab and everyone in the stake hates our spoiled brats. It goes on for an entire page.


I have many feelings on this. I have talked with a lot of people and shown many people the letter and even made copies. If you would like one, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to... I really am not intimidated by one who would not put their name to their words. It is very cowardly and immature. The author states multiple time how "everyone" they talk to says the same thing. The pot doth call the kettle black. I wish I could say that I NEVER talk about anyone, but I think most of us can attest to the crime of gossip. However, I can state that I do not say mean, ugly things. I may think them on occasion, but I don't generally talk it up! I am grateful for a ward FULL of friends who have been supportive of me through this. I can honestly say that I feel pretty good about myself after talking with my friends. They have said really nice things about me and the most common thought is, "this person does not know you."

I have not lost any sleep over this letter. I thought I might, but last Tuesday, I feel right asleep. I have not shed one tear over this letter. A few years ago I might have, but I feel that I am too old for this kind of nonsense and unless they can say it to my face, it is not worth feeling bad about. The author stated, "This is not a personal attack on you..." But it was. Clearly. I just can't imagine that someone is sitting at home worrying this much about me. I certainly am not worrying about anyone else this much. I have spent this entire year doing school work, trying to find time for my family, and fulfilling my church callings. Notice the plural on calling"S". I hardly have time fro friends, much less enemies. I don't even feel like I really have enemies, I thought I got along with people just fine. Who in their right mind considers me enough to write a full page letter?

So there you have it. I hope your week was wonderful. For all my friends and family out there, know that I truly do love you and appreciate you. Thank you for making me feel loved and appreciated, too! Next time you get mad at someone and are considering "What Would Jesus Do?," the answer is not anonymous hate mail.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hippity Hopp!!

We had a great Easter here on Fleming Island. The best part was that Mike, Jenny, Annie, and Mimi were here with us for a day. The girls are so adorable. My girls did the egg dying with them - it is so nice to have big kids!! Jenny and I got to chat and I got a lot of knitting done. Mike and Trav got a run in together. Mimi loved the American Girl dolls - especially Kit. They were all interested in the cats. We had 14 people for dinner, but I didn't take any pictures. I only got one picture of Morgan, also. We didn't get any of the girls in their Easter clothing - I guess I'll have to fake it next week and call it an Easter picture. So here are a few pictures from the Easter Egg hunt!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday!

This is the same thing that I posted on Facebook, but there a number of you who are exclusive blog buddies. Morgan turned 16 today and got her driver's license. She immediately went off to get Rozzie at a friend's and take her to an appointment. Now she is off to get Travis' credit card he dropped at a gas station. Later on, it is the Clay County Fair - where redneck reigns. (Remember, Roz, just because they are giving away the goldfish for free, you don't have to take one.)

This note was written on May 11, 1993. It is in Morgan's journal that I've kept about her. On April 6th, after a visit to my doctor, the nurse called me at work and told me the doctor wanted the baby out ASAP. Having the baby 2 weeks early was fine by me. So Travis and I got up early on April 8th (we couldn't sleep anyway) and went to St. Joseph's (Denver, CO). My nurse was Lorissa. She said I was actually already in early labor, having contractions every 5 minutes. That was news to me- I couldn't feel anything. The perinatologist who was going to deliver you was Dr. Starke. He had them move me to a birthing room where at about 8:15, Dr. Barta broke my water. That was weird. Then I started cramping in my stomach. About 10 minutes later they gave me pitocin to start the contractions. I went into hard labor pretty fast. That hurt!! Contractions are unlike anything I've ever felt. Travis was right at my side the entire time. In between the contractions, I'd just think about the next one coming up and how I wish it would stop. After about an hour, I had already dilated to 4.5. Travis kept me cool with a washcloth. He held my hand and gave lots of encouragement and support. Because of my blood disorder (myelodisplastic syndrome), I couldn't have an epidural so they gave me Demerol which only helped in between contractions. I wish that I hadn't gotten the Demerol because I don't remember much about your birth. At one point, Travis said I could say anything mean to him that I wanted to and he wouldn't be mad. I just wanted him to spit out his gum because it stunk. Lorissa helped me focus and breathe so that I'd stay in control. THen just before noon, Dr. Barta came in to measure me and I was at 9cm. TIME TO PUSH!!! I was so shocked that it was already time. Dr. Starke said he wanted you born by 5 pm that night and here it was only noon and you were almost here! The nurses pulled my bed apart....Delivery didn't hurt as much. It was tiring, but not so painful. I remember thinking, "This is the strangest thing I've ever done." (Morgan was born at 12:10 pm) The next thing I knew, I heard you cry and they put you on my tummy. I couldn't believe it! You were gorgeous! Travis cut the cord and then you were whisked away to get cleaned up. Travis got to spend lots of time with you, but I was being monitored pretty closely. My blood pressure was 70/30 and I wasn't really alert. I knew they had taken you to the nursery for tests and was sad because I didn't get to see you very much. They brought me my lunch, I ate 3 bites and threw up all over the floor and bed. Then Lorissa came to get me up to go potty and I passed out. I woke up with a bunch of nurses yelling at me, laying in a pool of blood. At that moment, Travis came back with Rick and Holly Alden. I was a great sight to see!!! After a few hours, I was moved to the antepartum ward with all the high risk pregnancies as my doctor's patients were all on that floor. My hematocrit was 19 and the doc's were pretty nervous. We had lots of visitors the next few days (I worked at a hospital across the street from where I had Morg, so everyone came over during lunch.) We were all very relieved that this ordeal was over and our little Morgan was perfect.

On the 8th in the late afternoon, we were finally got to have Morgan to ourselves. She had to go to the nursery at night because I was on a different unit. But she was brought to me when she needed to be fed.

On Friday, the 9th, I got a blood transfusion and had an allergic reaction to it while Holly Alden was visiting. On that day, I got to have you with me all day!! We had lots of visitors, lots of doctors were in and out checking on us and giving us instructions. Travis was enthralled with you. I was shocked at at how much he liked you -- I knew he would but he was acting crazy!!

I went home on Saturday, the 10th. I was scared. I didn't know what to do with you. Every time I thought about my new little miracle, I cried. Travis stayed home with me that first week, thank heavens. I"m still in school so I had to go back to class and Travis came along to take care of you (and took you to the Rockies first ever home opener). The 2nd week, I took you to school with me. The last 3 weeks, you went to a friend's house. I graduate tomorrow!!

March 10, 1995: Mr. Rogers had butterflies on sticks on his show which you love --- at Grandma Olsen's, you got the flyswatter out and called it 'butterfly." Walked into Grandma's sewing room and said, "sewing."

June 5, 1995: We were on our way home from California and were in line to get off the plane --- "Make 'em scoot, Mom."

July 2, 1995:
Grandma O: What color is it?
Morgan: Green
Mom: No, it's pink.
Grandma: It's HOT pink.
Morgan: It's COLD pink.

January 1996: Grandma and Grandpa Smith were here for Christmas in our new house. One day you caught Grandpa snoring and you had never heard that before. You ran over to him, looked at him strangely and then you blew on him! You loved the show "Frosty the Snowman" and have taken to calling your dad, Frosty. (This continued for a year.)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Almost Sweet Sixteen

Morgan had her party last night with a few of her closest friends. She claims to have enjoyed it thoroughly. There were a number of friends who couldn't make it - when your birthday falls on Spring Break, that is one of the unfortunate outcomes. Mom sent me instructions for a really cute cake, so I made it for Morg and she was quite happy with it.
These are her buddies. They laughed a lot. Trav and I were watching a movie in our room and we were forced to close the door due to the level of laughter. Morg has a very distinctive laugh, many of you may recall. Then the headed outside to walk around a bit. whew.Sarah and Hannah's brother got married at the same time as Morgie had scheduled her party, so they came over later. They are such great girls. By that time, the other girls were going home. So, at 10:30 at night, Sarah, Hannah, and Morgie went up to the Pace Island Pool and went for a freezing-cold swim. It hasn't been too hot yet and it rained a lot last week, so I'm sure the water was freezing. They had a great time.

Morgie's birthday is next Wednesday and she has her Driver's License Test at 10AM!! We'll see how she does. She is a good driver. Personally, I hope she is on her own after Wednesday, it would really help me out!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rozzie breaks the bank and Jenni gets a new do!

It finally happened, Rozzie got her braces. She has had a palette expander for a couple months and we've been stretching her palette. She was finally ready for braces. It has been tough for her. She doesn't handle pain very well, unless it is a shot. She got the top braces done this month and will go back in another month for the bottoms. The rubber bands are her favorite colors: aqua and lime. She is working on talking so we can understand her. I guess this means she'll be a teenager soon!

Today at school was the big day. I let Jasmine do my hair. She passed all her tests for graduation and so this was her incentive. She plans to do hair after graduation. We are watching a series on the House of Windsor in my Brit Lit class and so while we watched, Jasmine braided. I got lots of laughs. I'll keep it in for tomorrow - Jas is in my last class of the day - and then I'll take it out. It didn't hurt and only took about 40 minutes. When Maddie got home from school, she said, "Mom!! Your hair! It's (uncomfortable pause) wow."
I stopped by Morgan's band rehearsal after school, just for kicks. The kids were really laughing. Morgan was beet red!
And this is my girl, Jasmine. I have been her teacher for 2 years and I love her. She is s delightful girl.
And here is a picture of Licky, whom we love.