Friday, February 22, 2013

FIHS Jewels

When I started working at FIHS, I was very surprised to find out that they still did a beauty pageant in the hight school.  As I've gone to see the pageant now for 10 years, I've seen that it isn't so much a beauty pageant as it is a fun experience for these girls to challenge themselves and have a bit of fun dressing up!  It is a pretty big deal in all the schools.  In the past few years, the dance team has provided the winners of the pageant, as well as the 1st runner-up!  This year, Rozzie decided she wanted to try her hand at the pageant.  Well, not this year -- since she first saw the pageant, she wanted to do it.  But as the time came to actually sign up, she got nervous and worried and nearly didn't sign up.  The teachers in charge of the pageant were great support and really encouraged Rozzie to commit.  She did and the work began.  She had to have a talent to showcase, so we got with her tap teacher and they got a dance put together.  That dance needed a costume.  Tap is a very casual style of dance so we had to be careful that we didn't get an outfit that was too casual or an outfit that was too dressy for the dance.  I found a sequined halter style shirt at Kohl's on sale for $17 and then she wore her dance team capris and it was just perfect.  When she took it in for approval, the teachers called me and and said we hit the nail on the head - thanks for not going overboard.  After solidifying the talent, Rozzie had to decide on a platform - a cause that she would support as Miss FIHS - and write a one minute monologue explaining it.  Then came the casual wear (casual as opposed to formal).  The casual wear is worn for the interview.  Rozzie's best friend's mom is a stylist for Banana Republic and is always dressed to the nines, so Rozzie asked her to come along shopping for the perfect outfit.  We ahd a good time and found something really nice.  Next was the dreaded formal wear.  Rozzie knew our guidelines and found a most amazing dress at Dillards.  We had only been shopping for 3 hours and 2 stores when we found it.  The most dreaded part actually went very smoothly.  Then there were shoes and accessories to get.  

Rozzie balanced dance team practices and pageant practices for the past 2 months.  It all finally came to fruition this past Thursday night.  Rozzie was very nervous about her monologue and, if she made finals, the on-stage question.  I was plenty nervous for her, too.  I had been a good mom and not taken advantage of my teacher status to go in and "peek" at practices so I hadn't seen anyone else's talents or anything.  The dance team always comes together to support their contestants.  However, this year, they only had one to cheer for so Rozzie got all their attention!!  It was great to turn around and see this:
FIDT - Rozzie's cheer section
So the pageant started and Rozzie looked SO GROWN UP on stage!  I was taken aback by it.  All the make-up and lipstick makes a big difference.  She walked confidently in her casual outfit.  Then it was talent time and she tapped the daylights out of that stage.  That was good to see.

Then it was time for the formal wear portion.  Travis was her escort.  Men's Warehouse donates the tuxedos for all the dads/grandpas/brothers.  I have to say, Rozzie's dress was the best one on stage.  The proof that I have for that is the number of students that told me so today!!  I had one student who never wears the same thing twice marched right up to my desk and demanded to know where we found Rozzie's dress and that it was the best one of the night.  I think she looked beautiful.  Ok, you got me.  The dress is magenta so of course I think it is the best!!  After the formal wear presentation, the top four  were announced.  Rozzie was the last of the four called (in no particular order!!).  She was just stunned.  Well, those four girls had to answer an on-stage question.  Rozzie was the last to go and she got the question of her life:  If you could choose anyone, who would you choose to sit down and have dinner with?  Well of course, Kate Middleton.  She kindof laughed as she said it and her cheering section all cheered for her because it was the answer they were expecting.  Then it was time for the big announcement.  They called off 3rd runner-up.  Then 2nd runner-up.  Rozzie was called as 1st runner-up and was just thrilled.  The girl that won is said to be a very humble, nice, smart girl.  Rozzie reported that she was really happy with the winner.  Then it was picture time:
Miss FIHS 1st Runner-Up
A number of the dance team girls.  They were so good to her!!
Rozzie and her dance team coach, Mrs. Connell
Mrs. Walker runs the pageant and is the heart and soul of the school.  
She is so excited with her placement - you would think she won it!!  She wore her sash to school today and was congratulated all day long.  The bonus is that there is a little scholarship money involved with this upon graduation!!  Rozzie went by "Rosalin" in the pageant.  It was kindof funny because the two emcees are dance team girls and they kept correcting themselves to call her "Rosalin".  Next year, Rozzie will be an emcee!

I did not take pictures during the pageant - it was dark and we were behind a row of people.  There was a photographer and I'll be sure to order a few of his photos when they are available.  The school TV production crew videoed the pageant and the DVD will be available before the end of school.  We were exhausted today, but are still very excited.  It has been a good year, so far.  No complaints.  

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ring Size = 7

You may remember in my last post that my cheerleaders won a state competition.  It was run by a cheer/dance company that hosts competitions.  As our dancers are not an official sport in Florida, this was really their big statewide competition and they had a pretty big division with some serious talent.  This weekend was the official FHSAA (Florida High School Athletic Association) Cheerleading Competition in Kissimmee, Florida.  It is just outside of Orlando.  There are many divisions in cheerleading and we compete as a small coed division 2 team.  This means that we have 4 or fewer boys on the team and that we are a large school.  The school paid for a bus to drive us down for the day and we left the school at 8am.  We arrived at Downtown Disney at about 10:30 and set right to getting lunch.  The kids had voted and chosen the T-Rex Cafe.  I had nightmares from "Jurassic Park" so this was unsettling.  All I can say is that it was very noisy in prehistoric times.  I don't know how anyone got any rest.  The kids had a great time.  We got to eat in the ice cave that you see as the purple section in the background.  The lights in there changed constantly and it was difficult to tell what was in your food and it was a strain on the eyes.  Beyond that, the food was good and the kids were pumped to get going and start this competition.
T-Rex Cafe - 2 thumbs up
We knew going into the competition that if we could hit our routine, we had a chance.  However, we also knew that our competition was very good.  There were 20 teams in our division.  Most of them have been competing with boys for years.  This was our first year with boys.  The big thing about having boys is that they do different stunts with the girls.  All our boys but one are new to cheering and have learned it all this year.  We competed twice.  In the semi-final round, we placed 2nd - .55 behind the leaders.  We had 15 minutes to get ourselves ready and into warm ups for the finals.  We went first.  We nearly lost the pyramid, but the group muscled the girl back up into position and we finished out wonderfully.  Our tumbling was right on and synchronized.  Everything looked good.  The problem with cheer competitions is that they aren't actually playing someone and they can't control another team.  They can only do what they do and then the rest is out of their hands.  So then Bartow went after us and they have some good tumbling - one part of their tumbling is better than ours and one part isn't.  Then they dropped 2 stunts and I knew the door was open.  We waited for awards and, as you know, we won - by .1!!!
My captains- Vanessa, Leslie, and Christina; and my choreographer Cortnee

It was late and we were starving so we went to Steak and Shake for dinner (at 10:45).  Then the bus ride home...I got home at 2:30am.  Travis was so excited that he was still awake!!  I was exhausted.  I had spent all day feeling like I wanted to throw up from nerves.  I kept my body all clenched up.  I get so nervous for them and I have to play the music and pretty much be in charge of everyone.  I had to work on Friday so the alarm went off at 4:45am and I was up and going.  I stopped at Chick-fil-A to get a celebratory breakfast and realized I left my wallet at home.  So, not only had I not fallen asleep (not dozing, but asleep) but I had no food either.  One of the secretaries went and got me lunch when she went out for a lunch run.  I was shaking pretty good by then.  After school there was a dentist appointment and grocery shopping.  THEN A BASKETBALL GAME...  I finally got to go to sleep at about 11pm on Friday night and it was wonderful.

Thanks for reading my story and at least feigning interest.  I'm still really excited about it.  What is really fun, is that we get championship rings!!  I already know that I'm a size 7.