Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

School started this past week. Funny thing, we started school and Morgan had a week off! Maddie is off to class in her new Aztec print shirt. She is in 8th grade this year at Green Cove Springs Junior High. She looks forward to her last science fair project and band. This year in band, she'll be playing at the junior high football games!! It is a pretty exciting year.
Rozzie is now a sophomore. She is so happy to shed the title of "Freshman". She is off to Seminary at 5:45 am. We definitely miss having a teenage driver in the house!! Travis drives her there and I pick her up and take her (and three other boys) to school. By the way, the church is on the way to the school so it really isn't a bother to me. Rozzie is looking forward to another year of yearbook and dance team. She is also adding an AP class to her schedule, hoping for a little college credit.

I also went back to school. I am teaching my two English classes and a fashion design class. I've been displaying my old prom dresses for the fashion kids and they have enjoyed that. Sometimes I'm surprised at what I was able to do at the age of 15. I have also taken on the extra job of Varsity Cheerleading Coach. So far, I have been very busy during the day and very tired at night. It will be an interesting year. The cheerleaders have been really nice and there haven't been any problems.

Morgan had a great term at BYU. She had more fun than is legal. But, we all knew that would happen. She did well in her classes. I don't have any picture of her doing anything scholarly. But one of her friends posted this:

Yes, it is a mustache bandaid.

She is very excited to start marching band on Monday. She will have a very busy week. Since she is off this week, she went up to Alden's in Park City for a little rest. One night she texted me this picture and said, "This is what we're doing tonight."

I have always said, "you never know what will happen when you are at the Alden's." She loved flying over BYU campus. She has hiked around the mountains and gone on rides on the Ranger. She has used the exercise room. I think she is ready for the next phase!! A big thanks to Holly and Rick for feeding her, entertaining her, and just letting her stay there.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just Like Lolla Lee Lou

I just looked for my Dr. Seuss book about Gertrude McFuzz who wanted more feathers and to be just like Lolla Lee Lou. The latest craze is to get feathers in your hair. The girls wanted to do this and that was fine with me. We waited and waited for our salon to get feathers and they didn't come in. We were in St. Augustine last weekend and we went to a salon one of Rozzie's friends suggested and they had feathers!!

I even got one!! There were really pretty purple feathers, so I decided to get one. It is hard to see, but it is there.

Last week was teacher planning. It was a rather hellacious week. I had way too many meetings. Then there would be cheer practice. So I spent a few days at school til late and got more things done. I still have a full day of work tomorrow. However, things have mellowed out and I feel that I'll be ready. No matter what, the students will show up and we'll do something!!

On Friday we had team pictures, so I thought I'd post that so you could see us all looking good.

So school starts on Tuesday. Morgan is off for a week at the Alden's. She reports to band camp next Sunday. All is well. All is well.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Shrimp Sandwich...

I was fortunate enough to get a little quilting in before school started. I had been saving these fabrics for just the right project. He was born in July. James Brannan is the proud owner of this here quilt. I have made a number of these quilts - I really like this pattern.
Here is a close up of the background fabric - primary colors, polka dots. These are a few of my favorite things!!While at the quilt store, I noticed this little table runner kit. It was just the right thing to change up my table. It was way cheaper than a new table!! My mantra has always been, "When in doubt, make another purple quilt." This one also had green which is my favorite combination with purple. It was a quick foundation pieced project. The foundation included the batting and backing so it was quilted when it was finished!! For the backing, I used a fabric that I have had since before I was pregnant with Morgan. Pretty proud of using that up!!

And here is what it looks like on the table. It even matches my laptop.

Travis was invited to go shrimping with a man he has been visiting with the missionaries. He was all set to go Friday night. Maddie kept hinting that it sounded like fun. I asked her if she wanted to go and she said yes. So she went. She had a great time and never even complained. She doesn't want to eat it, but she enjoyed the experience. They didn't get home until 2 am!!

Travis and I spent Saturday morning cleaning shrimp. I was pretty proud of myself for getting my hands dirty. We cooked some up, froze some, and gave some away. Travis wasn't thrilled to clean the shrimp until I mentioned that it was kindof nice to sit together for a few hours and talk. Then he didn't seem to mind it so much!! Patrick was very interested in the shrimps. We gave him a few to bat around. He had a good time with them!!

Shrimping is really a way of life for some folk here. Apparently, there was a very large gathering and people just treated it like a social get-together. I would suspect that shrimping is like gardening. People gather as much as possible, and freeze it for the year. Not a bad idea!!