Sunday, October 23, 2011

And Also This...

I just finished this sweater. Thought you ought to know.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Amazing Aging Trick - by Rozzie

She went to the orthodontist on Thursday:
And came out looking older and more mature. She has never smiled as much as she did on Thursday.

The weekend we were out at BYU for homecoming, it was cold and rainy/snowy. That was not the perfect weather for the annual BYU blue foam slip and slide. They saved it for the next week and Morgan (of course) got in on the action. Still no picture of Morgan studying or in class. I'm assuming it happens, though.

We got home from Utah just in time for Fleming Island homecoming. It was "Hero" week. The day devoted to "Storybook Hero" produced about 500 students of Hogwarts. I love this picture of Roz. It shows a side of her in school that is rarely seen. I love the passion and excitement in this picture. I sometimes wonder if she knows she isn't really Bellatrix.

Parade-time came up and it was a little different this year. I had to monitor my cheerleaders. I was able to see Rozzie and her dance team off, though. The were firemen and had a truck for the seniors to ride on. Rozzie and Nora were thrilled to carry the banner.

My cheerleaders chose an angel theme. Their float was so pretty!! I rode on the very back of it, all hidden. It was kindof fun!!

After the parade, we have a big pep rally called Gold Rush in the stadium. These are my cheerleaders performing. I love this shot - it is a good action shot.

I was so happy to have homecoming out of the way - very stressful. It is such a fun week, but there is something to do everyday and then the added stress of both cheerleaders and dance team performing, I was so tired by the end of the week!!

Shortly after accepting the coaching position, I had a thought to have a "Pink Out" game in October, like the NFL does, only just one game. I approached the vice principal about it and he thought that would be fine. I promised the cheerleaders and dance team would perform together. Then I notified the football boosters of our plan. I never followed up with them, but when I showed up at the game Thursday night, the team was decked out in pink socks and undershirts. It was announced in school and fans showed up in pink. The cheerleaders and dance team sold pink spirit beads and pink ribbon face tattoos. It was really exciting too look around and see my idea work out so nicely.

It just so happened that the Pink Out was also Junior High Band night. It was so exciting to see Maddie march out on the field!! She enjoyed sitting with the band up in the stands and playing a few songs with them. It was known all around that she was Morgie's sister!!

I had ordered the cheerleaders and dancers pink poms for the night. Swoopette was thrilled that I had an extra pair for her!! My mascots are doing such a great job this year.

Rozzie smiled all night - showing off her bracelessness. People were pretty impressed that the cheerleaders and dancers performed together. They looked really good - all 42 of them out there. They learned the dance in just 2 days. It was pretty simple - with that many dancers it had to be. It was a great way to show support for the cause. All the money made from the sale of beads and tattoos will be donated to the Susan G. Komen society for breast cancer awareness/search for the cure.

Friday was a planning day and I was able to go to work and WORK for about 7 hours. I holed up in my room. I had been looking forward to that day for so long and now it is done. This morning I proctored ACT exams. work work work... It is a surprise to think that the school year that just started is already 1/4 done. The time between now and Christmas always goes so fast. That is a good thing!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rise and Shout, the Cougars are Out!!

After an afternoon of rest and relaxation, kindof, it was time to meet up with the girls AND Katie and get ready for the game. Morgan had to go to practice. Katie went and met up with her friends that she went to the game with.
We went to the stadium and got family pictures by the cougar (it was a gift from the class of 1965). Here is Morgan in her finery, by the official mascot. (Exciting moment)

Here are Travis, Roz, & Maddie with the unofficial mascot. Funny thing is, he wasn't one of the young students. He had a wife and kids. I found that funny.

Before the game, the band marches to the stadium from the practice field and they stop right in front of the cougar and play a few songs. It was a late game and so it was dark. But it was sure fun to see them all do their thing. Then they march onto the field for the pre-game show where they make a big "Y" and then spell out "COUGARS". Then they line up down at the end of the field where the players enter the field. Travis went down near the field and got some really great pictures of Morgan. This is when they made the big "Y" and the tubas and colorguard make a big oval around the letter.

It was a chilly night and our sweatshirts weren't quite enough, so the girls got new sweatshirts. I guess some of that is their official indoctrination to the BYU idea. They really loved it there. I think, like Morgan and like me, they like the idea of doing something different than the rest of their friends. They love the mountains and the change of climate. Change is good.

Here is a shot of the half-time show. I liked the last song the best, but I can't remember what it was!! It was so much fun to watch the band. Oh, the game was good, too. BYU won.

Maddie was determined to get a foam finger. She is very proud of it. She was able to point at many things with it.

Barb and Gary were seated a few seats down from us. Rick, Holly, Autumn, Brooklyn, and Preston came and enjoyed the game with us. It was chilly, but not as chilly as we look. It was pretty decent. I was almost too warm.

After the game, the band marched out and stopped in front of the cougar again and played three songs. They got really loud and seemed to have a great time. Again, my favorite was the last song they played. Then they sang the alma mater. That was really nice. I am so glad we were able to go out and see her in her new habitat. She seems to have acclimated well and loves her new life. Seeing her march was wonderful.

We got home super late on Sunday night and had to hit the ground running for Monday. It was homecoming week. What a doozy. Pictures to follow!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Coming Home!!

I don't have much time to write as we have a plane to catch in a little while. But I wanted to get the first half of pictures posted from our BYU Homecoming trip. We got in on Wednesday and went straight to Provo to visit Morgan. We went and had dinner in the Cannon Center and met many of her friends. She is pretty happy here! This is Morgan's dorm door. We were able to visit her room as it was "visiting hours". Rozzie and Maddie each spent a night with Morgan and went to classes with her.
It was cold and rainy/snowy. We were there for the first snow of the season. Once the clouds lifted, the mountains looked so pretty!!

We went out to dinner one night with Morgan's boyfriend, Bradford. He is a very nice young man and they seem to have fun together. Katie joined us for a few minutes, too. So much fun to see her!! I think they like being in Provo together.

Travis was able to take some time to visit his friends Al and Lael. Eric was there, too. They were friends from Minnesota, when they were all just little boys!

Saturday morning was cold and drizzly, but we went to watch the parade!! As the band came around the corner, I got tears in my eyes. I'm such a wimp.

We were set up at the beginning of the parade. After the band and a few other groups passed, we started the hike across campus to the end of the parade. This was taken at the end. I really like this picture of Morgan and her fellow sousaphonists.

We got some nice pictures at the end, too.

Grandma and Grandpa came up from Hurricane to see Morgan march. This was really fun to have them there.

These girls were so happy to be back together for a bit.

Towards the end of the parade, Grandpa had a little fun!!

Lucky for you, this isn't the end of the pictures. I'll post again as soon as possible. It was BYU homecoming this week; Fleming Island next week.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Memories of a September Past

September is now over. It passed in a flash and was gone. Our days are very full. Everyone sleeps pretty solidly at night. No insomnia here. We are all looking forward to our little vacation out to Utah to see Morgan march in at BYU's homecoming.

Last weekend, Rozzie and Maddie went to the temple with the youth in our ward. There are three boys missing, but this is it for our youth. We are bottom heavy in Beehives and Geek-ons. They always have a good time on these trips.
Last weekend's game at The Bolles School was a disappointing loss. This week, we played at home against our in-county rivals, Orange Park. We beat them soundly. There was a flyover with two small acrobatic planes and they both took a solo pass over the stadium. Then they came over together and crossed right over the middle of the field. They were flying very low and VERY close as they passed. So close, in fact, that the crowd gasped. I gasped!! I was sure there was to be an accident. It shocked all my cheerleaders. They came running up to me asking, "Was that supposed to happen like that?" Like I had the answer. It was too close for our comfort. However, I love this picture!! All these girls are my favorites: Cheerleaders and Dance Team!! (And Swoopette)Saturday brought the Green Cove Springs Soul Food Festival and parade. Maddie had her first experience marching and found it to be harder than it looks. She had a good time. The weather was really nice.

Patrick got his "fuzzy dice" removed (as the vet put it) on Friday, so he was inside all day yesterday. He has never witnessed the new washing machine in action. He was spellbound. We found this very funny.

It is General Conference weekend which always gives me a great excuse to slow down and stay home. I didn't completely stay home yesterday, but I did watch both Saturday sessions. Maddie had friends here to tie-dye shirts. Rozzie and I decorated for Halloween. So things got done and I still stayed home. I was actually more productive yesterday than I have been in a few months, so it seemed. I didn't know if I'd even get decorations out this year, but the girls love it, I love it, and even Travis loves it. Today I get to watch conference and KNIT!!!