Monday, November 11, 2013

The Last 2 Weeks - Part I

I'm going to try to do a little catch-up over the next few days.  We have had about 2 weeks of intense activity and we should "quiet down" now for a week or two (hahaha - I say that to convince myself that it's not too bad).  Travis is off to Detroit permanently, except for when he's here.  So, here are some things that have happened:

Maddie had her first chorus concert.  You are now confused as you see her playing her violin.  The chorus did a folk music concert and Maddie and Kyle accompanied one song.  Kyle went on to play for a number of other songs.  It was pretty great to see them play together.
Maddie used to sit and give Kyle dirty looks during Rozzie's and Morgie's lessons.  
Halloween happened.  Rozzie led the family in celebrations.  She carved our pumpkin.  Then we watched it mold and attract fruit flies for 3 days before we threw it into the jungle.  

Rozzie is a working woman, you know, and her employers threw a big Halloween Party.  Since her employer is basically a child-care center with added amenities, it was all hands on deck for the party.  Rozzie borrowed my Snow White costume and was adorable.
Then there was the YM/YW Halloween party at church.  Maddie is a zombie and Rozzie is a peacock. Halloween isn't quite like it used to be, but we still enjoy it all!!
Last Saturday as I taught a pillowcase class at church, Travis took the girls to Columbia, South Carolina, to a Gamecock football game.  Travis works with a lady whose son plays there, and she gave him some tickets.  The girls were so excited to go out of town!  They got all dressed up in burgundy and black for the day.  Lauren went along.  They had such a good time!!  After the game, they met Missy's son Ahmad (#4).  
In sunny South Carolina - it was a win for the Gamecocks
Pictured with Ahmad post-game
Stay tuned and hopefully I'll get homecoming and senior night pictures posted for everyone's enjoyment!