Wednesday, December 19, 2012

As Promised

Jake and Steph, here is the promised photo. It was taken in 1981 in Huntington, West Virginia.  Travis was on his mission.  Travis heard he was coming to town to certify kids at a karate studio.  Travis gave him a Book of Mormon.  Chuck was nice enough to pose for a picture.  He did not defeat anyone.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Katie's Wedding

It is far past time for me to write about Katie's wedding!!  It was a great day and I'm SO glad that Travis and I were able to be in Utah for the festivities.  Rozzie will remind everyone that she didn't get to go.  I wish things were different, but she is right.  Maddie and Rozzie stayed behind.  

Katie and Christian were married on a sunny Tuesday morning.  Morgan and cousins hung out outside the temple and found things to interest them.  Morgan was in charge of my camera.  She took many pictures.  This is one of them:
It was really fun to spend time with Morgan!
Sara continually tried to steal the spotlight!!

Morgan and Hayley entertained themselves.

Finally, the happy couple emerged from the temple, not only married to each other, but sealed for eternity!  (That is why we try to choose well!!)  They both were just giddy with happiness and were so pleased to be married.  Katie looked absolutely beautiful.  The temple grounds were planted with pansies everywhere which matched the wedding colors.  It couldn't have been planned any better.  Throughout the day, we noticed that they were covering the flowerbeds for the winter, so Katie got married just in time!!

In addition to the wedding, there were other highlights.  Seeing some of our Pelton cousins was definitely a close second.  I have seen Marilyn and Amy a few times here and there, but have not seen Devon since...before I was married?  Maybe?  It brought tears to my eyes.  Sara, Bryan, Devon, and I spent our summers together in California during our growing up years and we were the best of friends.  This was a very special time and I just LOVED sitting and talking with Devon.  Amy and Marilyn are as beautiful as ever.  This is a very special picture to me (I'm sure it is for Sara, too).
Jenni, Devon, Marilyn, Amy, & Sara
It was also a treat to see Aunt Marylee there, too.  (I know I always say this, but I have such wonderful memories of my summers in California.  My grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins made that a treasured experience.)
Morgan, Jenni, Marylee, Dad, Devon, Amy, Sara, Marilyn
Luckily, Mike allowed Jenny to come out and party is up with us.  It was lots of fun to have her there.  I loved her dress with the yellow accents!
Other highlights of the night were seeing Katie dance with her dad to a Beatles song - how appropriate.  It made me cry.  Katie is the first grandchild on my family's side.  Sara, Jim, and Katie lived with us in our downtown Denver apartment for about a month.  She would get so excited when I came home from work and school.  She would meet me out in the hallway.  She would bring me my shoes.  Often. I cried when they moved out.  I have a video of her when she was about 7 and we were roasting hot dogs on the 4th of July.  Someone called them "hot dogs" and Katie corrected them, "They WIENERS!"  We always laugh at that.  I love you, Katie and wish you the best in your new role as a wife.  And we all think you have the cutest name!!