Sunday, May 5, 2013


Here is what is newsworthy:  

  • Congrats to Rozzie and Maddie for making the dance team again.  There were over 50 girls at tryouts, so it is getting harder and harder to make the team.  They are both really excited for the new year.  Rozzie is the co-captain.  
  • It rained for 4 days straight here.  The storms didn't happen until last night, but it rained steadily.  These Floridians act as though life is ending when it rains.  I was happy for it, as it keeps the kids mellow at school.  Licky spent those 4 days in the house looking for safe places to take cover.  We had to get Patrick down off the roof.
  • The Young Women at church had their annual camp fundraiser.  I brought popcorn cupcakes.  Rozzie made them and decorated half, then Maddie, Travis, and I decorated the other half.  I got the plastic tubs at Target.  They weren't popcorn flavored!! They were a lot of fun and the kids really liked them.  My bestie bought one bucket!! (and I bought her dessert!