Sunday, November 20, 2011

She Floats by her Hair...

I haven't posted in a while. I'm sorry. I have been busy, it is true, but mostly I just post the same pictures over and over of the girls doing their stuff. I know you don't mind it, but I recently heard that someone said I was living my live vicariously through the school and it hurt my feelings and it isn't true. I am involved in my school and I support my children and their activities. I also enjoy being part of the community and the great students I have met in my eight years working at Fleming Island High School. So I have moved on and will now post pictures of my kids involved in their school activities.

Last Friday night, our football game was a play-off game in Tallahassee. It is a 3 hour bus ride out there. The school hired the big buses for us. Cheer and dance shared a bus, so I got to ride with Rozzie. I had planned for Travis and Maddie to ride the bus with us until we found out that the band was not able to make the trip due to their own state competition the next day. So, a few 8th grade students from the surrounding feeder junior highs were invited to participate in the "spirit band" (think "pep" not "ghost"). Maddie was chosen to go with the band, so I volunteered Travis to chaperone. In some ways, being the cheer coach has been a great blessing to us: this ended up being a family event rather than just another game for Rozzie to be at. Since the game was in Tallahassee and one of the FSU Marching Band drum majors is a grad of Fleming Island, he came out to the game and directed the band. In addition, about 15 other FSU students and former band members came and played with the little spirit band. They worked had and did a great job!! Keith really challenged the kids and looked to have a great time doing it!! Rozzie's former dance captain Brittany is at FSU now, so she came to the game. Rozzie thought it would be a great idea if she just stayed with Brittany until Brittany came home for Thanksgiving. We didn't let her stay. Sorry. So here are those pictures: Rozzie and Brittany

And Maddie with Trumpy. On Saturday, we celebrated Maddie's 14th birthday. She has been wanting to make some cupcakes from some new books we got this past summer, so I let her pick a theme and we made the cupcakes. They were more adorable than you can imagine. Notice that one flamingo got too close to the alligators. Uh-oh!! We had the party at the dance studio as they had rehearsal and there was only an hour between rehearsal and our "appointment". I love this picture of these two little girls looking longingly at the cupcakes. Don't worry, they got one!!

Then it was party time. Ever since our violin teacher leased some of his property to a man to set up his flying trapeze school, Maddie has had dreams about flying through the air with the greatest of ease. For her birthday, we made that happen. She invited some friends from dance. When we pulled up to the location, the girls went quiet. One said, "This isn't quite what I pictured." They were all pretty nervous. Only one girl got scared and had to be let down slowly. As they all tried new things, they got better and better. However, on the first try, each and every girl had to be shoved off the platform. The guy would yell, "jump" and nothing would happen. So the lady on the platform would give them a little shove on the back of the ankle and just push them right off!! Look at their faces!!

It started to rain, so they weren't able to transfer from one bar to the "catcher" named Tyler who was really cute and had nice muscles!! Actually, he was one of my former students from my subbing days and was really surprised to see me!! I asked the girls later if they had discussed his muscles and they both laughed and said yes. I knew they would!! They all had a great time and Maddie was so happy. They are a little sore today, though. And here is one last picture of Maddie. She was going to to the transfer, but it was too slippery with the rain. I just like the serene feeling of the picture. (and that is Tyler sitting up on the other bar)

And what about Morgan? She had her last home game last night. Her friend took this picture. It is Morgan being Morgan. She has really enjoyed marching for BYU this year and looks forward to going to Dallas for the bowl game!!