Sunday, October 7, 2012

What a Cool School!

It has been a few weeks since I posted.  There was cheering, dancing, school work, and football.  Rozzie had birthday parties to attend.  Her good friend Kaity turned 16 and had a "cocktail" party.  They did a photo booth set up and got some of the cutest pictures ever!  Rozzie borrowed a lace dress from a friend and had a great time.  I thought the photo booth was a really cute idea.  
Rozzie and Kaity hamming it up.
 This was a busy week as I was called to the Principal's office where he told me that our school was to be featured on FOX 30 as the "Cool School" of the week on Friday morning and I needed all the cheerleaders to the school by 6:30 am and be prepared to go on air at 7:00, 7:15, 7:45, and 8:15.  We were already preparing for a pep rally that day and a special dance with the dance team Friday night.  So, we got there on Friday morning and the air conditioning had been out all night.  It was stifling in that gym.  I had both the varsity and JV cheer teams because the JV coach works at an elementary school.  They warmed up and the news lady told me that she liked their routine so much she wanted to show it all on the news!!  The dance team also had a good spot on the news.  Here they are dancing and you can see Shawn filming them in the red shirt.  You can also see Maddie's face in the back row.
Dancing on FOX 30 news!!
 The pep rally began at about 8:00 and for the last filming, the lady asked everyone to be quiet so she could hear the news feed.  Surprise, surprise - everyone shut up!!  It was a lot of fun.  She told me during the whole process that she had never been to a school that was so cooperative and easy to work with.  It really was a fun morning, but after sitting in the heat in the gym for 3 hours and having to go in the sound room with the buzzing of the lighting system for 20 minutes, I had a bad headache.  (The air came on around 7:15 which was a great blessing!!)

Friday was our pinkout game, so after the rally, all the cheerleaders and dancers put on their tie-dyed t-shirts that I helped them with.  They were so cute!! I made t-shirts for our two female administrators and they were thrilled with them - so much so that they hugged me.
Rozzie and Maddie's think pink shirts
 The big game was close all the way to the end, but this time, we lost.  It was so disappointing.  Plus, it rained for the first half and that was unpleasant but it never got to the "horrible" point.  However, it had been a big day and we can't forget the good stuff.  Plus, there was this huge yellow moth at the game flying around all over the field and in the stands startling everyone.  You could hear it flying around with its huge wings.  It landed on my friend's back.  Travis wanted to kill it.  I HATE BUGS, but this was different from a "bug" - it was so pretty!!  It was still flapping around at the end of the game.
I love how they look with their cute pink bows, socks, and pom poms!
Rozzie and Maddie had dance choreography all day Saturday.  It was also Rozzie's friend Nora's birthday.  Nora LOVES sharks.  She has been a fixture at our house for three years now, so I made her something special:
Shark attack!
 We took the shark cupcakes to the dancers at the end of practice.  She was so excited and the girls thought they were great.
Nora with her shark cupcakes and the rest of the dance team
With the change in missionary age for outgoing missionaries, Morgan is thrilled to be planning on a mission next summer rather than in 2 years.  She has been trying to decide on a major and has been stumbling along with that.  She was hoping to study abroad next summer, but the Frankfurt/Vienna program won't be offered next summer.  It seems that everything is set now for her to go!!  We are excited at the prospect of being parents of a missionary.  With three girls, we didn't know if we'd ever have that opportunity.

Now we are home and watching Conference.  We were all able to sleep in yesterday.  Maddie is not feeling well and has been throwing up.  It is always something...