Sunday, June 3, 2012

Smith Jubilees

As Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her diamond jubilee, we decided to celebrate a few jubilees here at our house.  And we started out with all our British decorations.  Rozzie's 16th birthday Jubilee was a great excuse to make union jack table cloths.  Only one is pictured here, the other ones were flag fabrics.  I had a great time making these cupcakes for Rozzie.  She is WAY into anything British right now, especially the singing sensation, One Direction.  Rozzie created the crowning 1D cupcake.  We used something called "Sugar Sheets" and I used my quilt cutting supplies to make the little tiny flags.  
 She didn't want a big party and so it was just a few friends (a few more than pictured here).  Some girls had to leave early as we had a surprise visitor named Beryl come through Jacksonville.  That's right, a week before hurricane season started, we had a direct hit from a tropical storm.  It made for an exciting evening.  The girls had a fun time all hunkered down.  We didn't lose electricity, so that was great.
Morgan sent Rozzie the new 1D book!!
 By the end of the week, Roz was ready for the big test.  Travis took the day off on Friday to take Rozzie to the DMV for her driver's test and...she passed!!  Yay!!  It was strange to let her go off on her own that afternoon!!
Friday was graduation (also known as Graduation Jubilee).  Roz had been selected to be a "graduation marshall" to help out with the ceremony.  Only 5 sophomores were selected.  Most of them lead the individual lines of graduates; however, this year there were a few extra marshalls and so Roz and her friend Bree were in charge of the rope after all the graduates were in the corral.  Her ability to knot a rope was the only thing keeping all the parents off the field!  Everyone had to have a white dress or white shirt and tie.  When it came down to taking a picture of Rozzie, my camera was found to be missing an SD card.  Roz said, "Oh yeah, I took it out."  My phone was nearly dead, also, so this is the ONE picture I have of Rozzie that night.  Her friend Bree was in her class in 1st grade!!
Right after Rozzie's 16th Birthday Jubilee and Graduation Jubilee, it was time for Travis' Golden Jubilee.  For his 50th birthday, we went out to dinner at his FAVORITE restaurant, a Sicilian place, called Sorbello's with some friends from church.  Of the 5 men there, 4 are celebrating their 50th birthdays this year.  Travis was the one to get the party going!!  What was really fun was that there was live entertainment all evening:  a man and his accordian!!  Our friend Roger kept saying, "Oh, I know this one.  My mom always played this."  His mom was a genius on the accordian!!  It was a great evening with friends.  Today - Sunday - is his actual birthday and I gave his his gift:  Ballparks (the book).  It is really nice and has pictures, stats, and stories of all the major league ballparks.  He was paging through it and found (on the Tropicana Dome page) tickets to seen the Tampa Bay Rays play the NY Yankees on July 2 along with a two night stay in a beach cottage on Anna Maria Island!!  Yay - can't wait!!  We stayed at this place a number of years ago, but we only stayed one night and went to Busch Gardens so there wasn't time to enjoy the beach and island.  This time, we will have plenty of time to enjoy the place.  Happy Birthday, Travis!!!