Sunday, February 22, 2009

February Hi-lites

This is the first picture I've been able to get of Morgan up with the band. They had a "practice" concert with all the county bands before the big MPA where they get judged. Since it wasn't a real concert, I could go up front and stand on a chair and whey they stood up, I got a view of Morgan. She is short. She sits in the center, third row. We never see her play. But when they stood, I got a straight shot. She is actually shaking her head at me, which meant, "no, mom. Sit down." I like the picture!
Friday night, Morgan went to a Sweet 16 party. The birthday girl is in black and yellow. They got picked up in a Hummer limousine. it looked like it could seat about 30, but there were only about 10 in attendance. They went on a little scavenger hunt. She had a great time. Only girls at the party. They looked so nice.
Here is Rozzie at the Clay County Science Fair. She had a good time. She was interviewed 12 different times and she spoke clearly and loudly. I took the day off to spend it with her and it was worth it. I was able to knit a lot. I even took a nap. Roz woke me up and said, "You're sleeping." I replied, "I know. I can do that." I only snoozed for about 30 minutes. She is not going on to the state level, which is fine by us. She did very well.
Our violin teacher became a father for the 3rd time since we started up with him 8 1/2 years ago. He now has 3 girls - just like us!! Last week, I made a baby quilt. It is one of my favorite patterns, but it didn't turn out as effective as I hoped it would. It is very bright, just like I like! Made two quilt, actually. This was the leftovers. I decided the other one was too big and gave them the little on. As you can see, it isn't that little!! So, i have another quilt just like this one, only bigger. That thought makes me happy!
Now for last weeks' bathroom progress. Actually, this is what it looked like two weeks ago. I just took another picture, but it isn't down loaded. I'll post it another time. Travis has worked long and hard on this project and we are all a little tired of it.
Right now, I'm a little concerned about my job. Florida is suffering from radical budget cuts right now and every school will be affected. I'm a new teacher and so my future is questionable. I do not now when I'll know anything further. I have decided that I would like to keep my job and so we have decided to pray for that. If you feel so inclined, you may pray for that, also. (secretly, I'd love to be a stay-at-home-mom again but that would mean radical spending changes in the Smith household, but we'd be ok.)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

So I started out with the dishcloth that says "Kiss Me" and has lips on it, even though in this picture you can't see it. I tried to take a bunch of pictures to where it would be visible. Just know that in real life, it is visible.
This little dishcloth was for a friend's birthday. Mom gave me the pattern long times ago, but I never tried it as it looked complicated. It wasn't too bad, but it did take some figuring. I started it thrice. I knit more than half of it at Morgan's All-County band concert which was very nice, other than the Baptist minister welcoming everyone and then making a plug for his church and pocketbooks. Looks like he is making a pretty penny over there! Anyway, I digress. The dishcloth really turned out cute and I love the pretty edge on it.
Here is Missie in her cute hat from Grandma. It was COLD here for a week and the kids wore their hats and everything. She looks so cute in it. Speaking on Maddie, when I came home from school yesterday, she was already home and out sitting on the front lawn waiting for a friend. She looked so cute just sitting out there in the yard.
The girls were helping with dinner last week and cut open this pepper and thought this was pretty ridiculous. They wanted to draw eyes on him then they figured he looked like he had his eyes closed. The teeth are pretty jagged, but he is intent on singing. We laugh every time we look at it!!
So last week was crazy. Maddie was sick on Monday and I stayed home. I wasted the whole day doing classwork for my on-line reading class. Makes me so mad. School was crazy. Between the full moon and Friday the 13th, it was the Twilight Zone! One of my students was caught peeing in a drinking fountain. He claims he was just joking and it wasn't his penis he had out, but his finger and he was just trying to get a laugh out of a friends. No one was laughing, especially not this young man who is suspended for a bit. Apparently he was sobbing and begging for his life in the office. Then I have one kid who has been skipping, threatening his mother, and is now working towards emancipation and is oft times stoned. Then I had my Principal's observation (which went well) but I had a kid ask a stupid question, something like, "How long after you die can you have a ghost, does it take a while?" Then, last but not least, I got this essay. I must include it here for your reading pleasure. This is a district assessment and all Juniors and seniors got the prompt about Oscar Wilde saying "everything popular is wrong" and they were to respond to that. This prompt was produced by the AP teachers who have never met my students down at the other end of the gene pool. This was what I got:

"I like cheese. Cheese is good. I don't know how the world could survive without cheeze. Oh cheezy goodness, Yum:) I luv cheese. (music note) Oh cheese you are so yummy. Your so delicious in my tummy. With your gooey ooey goodness, it makes a person sooo happy (happy face) YUM (music note) Cheese is made from cows. It first comes out as milk, then it is processed into deiocious cheese. YUMMY queso. Que Sabrosa! What would you do for a cheezy weel? Would you jump off a trampoline? By the way Cheese is a popular trend."
Help me, Lord.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A meeting with the Apostles

I'm going to make a very serious post here which is very unlike me. But, I need to write about what happened tonight. We are members of the Fleming Island 1st Ward in the Jacksonville Florida West Stake. Well, the Fleming Island 2nd Ward was contacted by "Salt Lake" informing them that they had been chosen to participate in a webcast with Elder David Bednar and Elder Richard Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This was quite a surprise for them. Their good bishop called back and asked if the Fleming Island 1st Ward could also participate. The answer was yes. So, we were told to be there by 6:30 in Sunday clothes with questions prepared to ask Elder's Bednar and Scott. Another ward in South Carolina was also asked to participate. They have done this once before with 2 wards in SLC as a test. Otherwise, these were the first two wards to EVER be chosen to speak with them in this manner.

This is how it worked: The equipment was sent over-night to us and Brother Wright spent most of yesterday and today setting it up. There was a big screen on the stand with an LCD projector and a big webcam on the podium pointed out over the pews. The youth were all instructed to sit in the center section and the leaders and bishoprics were supposed to be sitting on the side, out of view. Any extra parents were sent home! At 7:00 the conference began. One kid at a time was to go up to the table and introduce themselves and ask their question and one of the gentlemen (or both) would answer it. Our kids did a great job and I was so impressed with their maturity. Neither Morgan or Roz asked questions, which was just fine. I'm just so glad they could participate. It was actually a very intimate conversation. The kids really felt like they were right there together. The kids were very nervous and almost star-struck, but they sat up tall and spoke clearly.

Some of the questions asked were:
  • Why are we encouraged against tattoos and multiple ear piercings?
  • How do we know if we are ready to get our Patriarchal Blessing?
  • How can I best prepare for my mission?
  • How can I get my dad to join the church?

and so on. It was interesting to learn that both men came from part member families. Also, they came from various parts of the country. One thing they mentioned a lot when young men asked anything about serving a mission - are you reading the Book of Mormon. The answer was always a "well, kind of, I haven't yet, but I'm tyring." They were encouraged to read it and then, start living like a missionary now rather than waiting. They don't have to wear a white shirt and a name tag, just study and pray like a missionary. It was good advice for our young men and it means more when they say it right to you as a small group. While it was a somewhat formal setting, the kids really enjoyed listening to them talk rather than them giving a talk. It is different to see them on TV talking to millions as compared to them talking to two groups of 20-25. They called the kids by their names, even.

At the end, the Apostles bore their testimonies of Jesus Christ and the truthfulness of the Gospel. Elder Scott finished up by saying, "To some it is given to know - not to wish or to hope, but to KNOW. I know Jesus Christ personally." After that he closed. It was a really amazing couple hours.

Afterwards, the bishop was to ask the kids what they thought of the whole thing to report back to "Salt Lake." I am so glad that Morgan and Roz got to participate in this testimony building experience. It was sure a boost to my testimony. Sometimes we all need that boost to our faith when we are dragging a bit as I have been lately. This is an experience that our youth won't soon forget.