Monday, November 12, 2012

2012 Homecoming and a Little Birthday Action

I am taking things a little out of order here.  We just returned from Katie's wedding in Salt Lake City which was very nice, and all.  I keep waiting for Sara to post about it, but like me, I assume she is still digging out from the trip itself and trying to find solid ground underneath her feet.  My post about the wedding could be long and emotional, so I decided to do the easy post first. 

Upon returning to "the 904", I was slung into the Three-Day Homecoming Triathlon.  My first day home was the parade.  How blessed I am to have great cheer parents, cheer coaches, and dance parents that will help me out.  The homecoming theme this year was "Around the World".  The JV Cheerleaders chose "Where in the World is Waldo?" as their float theme.  The looked SO CUTE!!
Look at the shiny blue pants they found!!
The Varsity Cheerleaders chose "It's A Small Eagle World After All"  and dressed up representing different parts of the world.  My assistant, Cortnee LOVES crafts and she headed this up and was so helpful to me.  I loved the two French costumes and also the Russian!!
We played the song the whole way and we found that many of the football players were singing along.

I am forbidden to post any pictures of the dance team from the parade, lest their trade secrets get out to the enemy.

Friday night brought the big homecoming football game that we won easily.  It was chilly.  You'd have thought my cheerleaders were having their finger nails ripped from their fingers.  But they survived.  It was over 50 degrees.  I remember chillier nights at Minnetonka in my skirt and socks!!  It was a fun game, though.  It was also senior night.  It is hard to believe that 2 years ago was Morgan's senior night and that in one short year, it will be Rozzie's.  Here are a couple pictures of the shenanigans that go on on the sidelines.  Rozzie and some dancers are entertaining each other.  There was singing and dancing; not all of it was good.  
 Maddie and Maddie were found to be enjoying themselves, too.
For the past three years, the (now) former administration refused to have a semi-formal homecoming dance.  They planned the dance to be right after the football game.  So, for the past three years, the dance has been cancelled.  We have a new administrator in town and he is so wonderful!!  Time to bring homecoming back to Fleming Island High School!!  The girls had fun picking out dresses and getting prettied up.  Rozzie met up with friends Kaity, Nora, and Dani.  Kaity's parents made dinner and the girls reported having a fun time at the dance.
Sparkles are very popular right now!!
Maddie decided that since it was her birthday, a dance was called for.  She chose a lace-topped dress - also very popular right now.  She reported having a really good time, too.  She and her friend Kelley didn't go out to dinner or eat in.  But, I think they hit Chick-fil-A after the dance. 
Sunday morning brought the annual Young Women's Sacrament Meeting Program.  A number of years ago, we started this tradition in our ward and it is fun to find a theme for their dress.  This year the girls all wore white, yellow, or orange.  These colors represented three of the YW values that were discussed in the program.  And can you believe that Cammie - who I used to babysit - turned 12 four days before the program and was able to participate!! 
And finally we celebrated Maddie's 15th birthday.  She had some friends over for a taco dinner.  When we were in Utah, Holly was reorganizing her recipes and she had one I spied for "Just Like Cafe Rio Chicken".  She gave me a copy and so I tried it out.  DELICIOUS CHICKEN TACOS!!  So, here is Maddie with her 1D cake.  She wanted one that looked like her shoes that her friend painted.  hahahaha.  Best I could do.  She was happy.  And now she will take her permit test tomorrow.  This summer she commented to me, "Driving seems to be a very big responsibility."  I think she'll be just fine!
I have ESPN and so I knew everyone would want the recipe for the Just Like Cafe Rio Chicken.  So here it is:

5 lbs boneless, skinless chicken breast
1 small bottle Zesty Italian Dressing
1T chili powder
1T cumin
3 cloves garlic - minced

Mix all ingredients in a crock pot.  Cook on high for 6-7 hours.  Remove chicken and shred with a fork.  Put chicken back in crock pot juices so it will be juicy and yummy!!