Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Apologies!! I Forgot To Mention!

Last summer at dance camp, Maddie auditioned to become an "All-American".  She had to learn a dance and then audition in front of the entire camp.  She passed the audition and received an invitation to dance in the London New Year's Day Parade!  After discussing the tour, we decided to allow her to go!  She knew she was the only person from Jacksonville going and she still wanted to do it.  She had to travel to Orlando to meet the Varsity group.  She left the day after Christmas.
In Orlando ready to go!
Meeting friends on the long plane ride
I remember seeing this first picture posted and thinking, "Wow!! She's really there!!"  She stayed in a hotel close to Big Ben/Parliament.  She loved being right in the middle of the city.  
And she made it!!
 I kept texting her to get certain pictures.  I wish I had been there to be her photographer, but she did a decent job of it.  After she was home, I asked her about friends, and how she handled not knowing anyone.  She just told me, "I knew I'd have to be outgoing and meet new people, so that's what I did."  Amazing!!!  So proud of her and her good attitude!

How come every time you come around…Nevermind 
Tower Bridge 
Not quite sure what it costs to feed the birds these days.  
St. Paul's Cathedral
Atop St. Paul's - she thought this was pretty fantastic.
She went with a group to King's Cross Station to Platform 9 3/4 
Could they be any cuter? 
Riding the London Eye
Windsor Castle
The guards
Riding the Tube - Mind the Gap!!
WINDOW shopping at Harrod's
The New Year's Eve Party
Finally it was New Year's Day and time for the Parade - the real reason she went all that way!  The fun part was that we were able to watch it live on the Internet.  This is a little group picture that was taken after the parade.  As we watched the parade, the rain got heavier and heavier.  I just thought of Maddie in that rain being so wet and cold!  And then in rained HARDER!!

My computer screen - It was so great to see her!!
Then all of a sudden, I saw her on my computer screen!!  She was alive and kicking - literally - in London and in the parade!!  I screamed!!  And got a video of her with my phone.  Luckily there were also some nice parents there that took some pictures and happened to have Maddie in their pictures that were posted on Fb.  
Someone else's picture with Maddie happily waving to the crowds!!
Then it was time to come home.  We drove to Orlando to pick her up.  She was exhausted, but happy.  She had the time of her life.  She missed London.  She said it smelled like cigarettes and food.  She loved the old architecture and history.  She also loved the cosmopolitan feel of the city.  I'm so thankful she had this opportunity.  Her gift for Rozzie was the Kate Middleton mask - like she needs it!!  What a fantastic week for Maddie.
She's home - with Kate!!


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I am so impressed that Maddie didn't let not knowing anyone hold her back from going! Not many young people her age would do that and look what they would have missed out on! Great experience for you, Maddie! I congratulate you!