Thursday, May 29, 2014

February was FANTASTIC! Let's Move on To MARCH MADDNESS

As I said, February was great and fun things happened.  My JV Cheer team won at Nationals and my varsity team came in 3rd (which is really fantastic - see the title).  March was more fun, tho.  

The month of March began with the national dance competition in Orlando at Hard Rock - Universal Studios.  It is always a fun weekend and exciting; however, this year was a little more harrowing than usual.  Due to a misunderstanding, the team came very close to not making finals!!!  There was a HUGE deduction that put the team into 10th place. We didn't think they'd take more than 9 to finals.  The girls were horribly sad.  We couldn't believe the season would end like that.  But when the finalists were announced, Fleming Island made it!!  Whew!  So they danced another day!
Maddie helped out with makeup
Maddie getting her makeup done.
Each year, Rozzie and Nora get pictures taken right here on this "sofa" at the Hard Rock hotel
Then it was time to dance.  We were pretty sure that they could move up from 10th place, but how far up was left to be seen.  The teams were really good.  

Rozzie with her coach and other captain, Dea
It was really exciting as they announced 10th place and it wasn't us!!  We came in 4th and were very happy with that finish.  

Maddie has made some friends on the West Springfield team (who have won the competition 4 years in a row)
I don't have all my dates straight in my head and I'm sitting here typing.  If I get up, I don't know if I'll finish this, so I'm just going to continue typing.  In March, my grandmother passed away.  I was happy to be able to travel to California (Yuba City - outside of Sacramento) for her funeral.  It was wonderful to see so many of my cousins - many I haven't seen in over 20 years, and may never see again in this lifetime.  Grandma's funeral was wonderful.  Her casket was brought to the grave preceded by my cousin's husband playing his bagpipes.  Grandma is Scottish, so this was appropriate and meaningful.  
Aaron on the pipes in full regalia
Grandsons and a great-grandson as pall-bearers
Aunt Laurie, Aunt Marylee, and my Dad 
A cousin picture
And now because it is graduation and her 18th birthday, I give you Rozzie!!!


Dennis said...

I don't know hoiw you kept up with all of the dance excitement but you finished in fine form (or the girls did). It was really nice to have you at Mom's funeral. It was a very special day and it was also so nice to have you as a traveling companion of the flight home. I'm anxious for you to re-acquaint yourself as a Minnesotan.06

Laura Copeland said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. I hadn't heard about this loss. But as I have always thought, there is a reunion on both sides of the veil. Like you said, you were able to see relatives you haven't seen for years and may not again until you reunite on the other side. Great job your girls did with their dancing! Congrats! I love dance teams! They keep the girls so healthy with the physical exercise plus provide so much companionship throughout their time with a great team!

Kori Linae Carothers said...

YOU have been busy writing! I've missed two posts. Catching up. Yeah.. March was a little bit crazy ... and now here you are on the brink of going to Minneapolis. Awesome to read about everything.